Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Get Easy Amazon Cards Online

Interested in getting free Amazon gift cards the easy way? I have outlined four great sites below which will help you do just that!
By completing tasks and offers through these sites, you receive points which add up really fast and can be easily redeemed for free Amazon gift cards. Wary of having to jump through hoops? Don’t be! The easiest way to earn points is to use Google search, something most people do multiple times every single day – so why not get rewarded?
Each site will allow one account per household, making it easy for you to keep all your points together and earn rewards faster.


In my experience, the easiest way to earn free Amazon gift cards is through Swagbucks, because there are so many ways to earn! 

A few ways you can get points include using their search engine, getting Swag codes, and even watching ads on Swagbucks TV on your phone. All these small things add up really fast. In just a month, I have redeemed over $25 in Amazon cards, which are so helpful for all those little purchases on Amazon. I get Amazon gift cards all the time and it’s definitely something to try out. It’s so easy to join, too – just click any of the links above and have fun getting your free Amazon gift cards! See below for proof of my earnings.  

iRazoo is another easy way to get points – just perform a regular online search and you will get iRazoo points. Want even more points? You can easily earn 100 points each day just by recommending websites and commenting on them. Get an additional 5 points a day by visiting the Offer Walls. Refer friends for another 50 points each (3000 point limit per friend). You can also get treasure codes for even more points. You need just 3000 points for a $5 Amazon gift card, so what are you waiting for?

Check out Grab Points for even more ways to get free Amazon cards! You can earn Grab Points through online searches, visiting their Offer Wall and completing surveys, which are all easy ways to get GrabPoints. You can also get special promotional GrabPoints codes by email, Twitter and Facebook. Cashout starts at 300 Grab Points and just like that, you have a $3 Amazon gift card credited to your account. You even get an estimated arrival date for your gift card. Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to receive my Amazon e-certificate by email.  
Would you rather have cash? Simply choose to redeem your points via PayPal for more money in your bank account. Start with 500 points on Grabpoints with code ZLPOFGO.
Don’t stop there - get even more Amazon gift cards through GiftHulk! Get “Hulk Coins” by using their search bar and playing games. You can even get a GiftHulk store discount or a boost of coins by doing wall offers. Be sure to follow GiftHulk on Facebook and Twitter so you can get the latest GiftHulk promotional codes. After earning just 5000 Hulk Coins, you can redeem them for a $5 Amazon gift card or get $5 cash sent to your PayPal. Even better, your reward is delivered by the following Sunday! Sign up with this special code to start off right and get extra coins credited to your account: SG6046. 

Now, go have fun earning your free Amazon gift cards!

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